Metal machining and machine tool repair services

We manufacture spare parts for machine tools and build machines and equipment from scratch.


We have the following machining capabilities:

  • turning DN 370x5000, DN 450x2800, DN 540x3000, DN 700x3000, DN 1000 swing over bed
  • milling - universal milling machines, drilling and milling machines 1200x1200x1000,
  • grinding of splines DN 25 through 125 L 1350
  • hole grinding max DN 300
  • grinding of machine tool bodies
  • surface grinding max 1400x2800x5000
  • drilling (multiradial drilling machines, box column drilling machines)
  • milling, chiselling, grinding of gear wheels up to DN 850 mm, m ≤ 14
  • planing, milling 1000xl200x4000mm
  • CNC milling machine Mikron Vce 800 Pro
  • CNC lathe DN 960x3000 mm, DN 1200x600 mm
  • surfacing lathe DN 1510



  • overhauls, repairs and modernizes machine tools,
  • we make spare parts for machine tools as well as for other machines and equipment.
  • direct-reading electronic digital measurement systems and numerical control systems.


  • Technical and process consulting services


  • Warranty and post-warranty service


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