Machining services on a nation-wide basis

stalowe wiertło We offer machining services on a nation-wide basis The machining services create a variety of high quality metal products. CNC machines are used for the whole process: lathes, milling machines, grinding machines. When performing machining operations, we use modern equipment from reputable suppliers.

Metal machining step by step

Machines used for processing are computer-controlled, so you can count on their repeatability and perfect matching of sizes of metal workpieces. Metalworking can be divided into several phases. The first phase involves turning a workpiece, which means giving it the right shape. We put a piece of metal into the machine tool and set up a dedicated program to make the workpiece take a specific shape. Next phase is million. This activity allows you to machine metal parts accordingly, get rid of the right parts, or create a dedicated shape, such as a screw with specific tabs. The final phase is grinding, which is the levelling of the edges.