How to take proper care for a machine tool?

Machine tools is a collective term used to describe machines such as lathes, drills, milling machines, or grinders that are used to machine workpieces by means of special tools. What maintenance measures should be taken to safeguard their efficiency for as long as possible?

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Use in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations

The absolute basis for extending the life of a machine tool is to use it according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Most often, the instruction manual will specify under what conditions the machine can be used, when to change the grease (after how many hours of machine operation) and how often to inspect the electric motors (usually once a year). Caring for your machine tool also involves the replacement of spare parts with proven, high-quality components.

Regular cleaning

It turns out that in order to prolong the life of a machine tool, we should take care of it regularly and not only shortly after purchase. An important step is to clean it after each cycle to avoid clogging components with cuttings, milling cutters or other workpiece material. In the case of machine tools such as milling machines, manufacturers also recommend cleaning and oiling, especially the sliding surfaces, spindles and guide screws. Of course, remember not to do this when the machine is on.

Machine tool maintenance and regular overhauls

The absolute basis of caring for a machine tool is to remember about its regular checks and maintenance. During such activities, specialists are able to inspect individual components and replace faulty parts that, over time, could lead to a more serious failure of adjacent components as well. Activities such as repair and maintenance of machine tools and other machines are also dealt with in our company.

The purchase of a machine tool is a large capital expenditure for most companies. That's why it's so important to perform routine checks of its condition, from the moment of its purchase to the repair jobs , to avoid major and very expensive defects.