What is gear grinding all about?

Gear wheels are the basic component of gear transmissions that are used to change torque and angular velocity. They are commonly used for instance to make automotive clutches, as well as in household machines and appliances. In the case of machines, however, we are dealing with involute teeth, which allows the wheels to mesh more smoothly. What is their grinding all about?

Szlifowanie zębatek
What is grinding?

Grinding is one of the machining methods used to shape planes, shafts and holes. It is a finishing treatment thanks to abrasive tools (corundum, silicon or boron carbide, and diamond) allowing to obtain a surface characterized by low roughness. Grinding is divided based on:

  • the shape of the surface to be machined (rotary and non-rotary machining),
  • the method of workpiece clamping (centre-type and centreless),
  • the method of grinding wheel positioning in relation to the workpiece (peripheral or frontal).

Characteristics of gear grinding

Gear grinding produces a very high-quality surface, which can be achieved using both the contour and envelope grinding techniques. In the case of the former, it is done with an abrasive wheel that has an involute profile (an unfolding curve). Ground wheel it rotates automatically and the cycle repeats (6 to 12 seconds for machining of a single tooth). This method is efficient, but considered less accurate than the envelope method. This method is used for both cylindrical and bevel gears. It is based on the cooperation of wheels (one is machined, while the other acts as a tool) - the tooth processed in this process obtains the optimal shape by circumferentially changing the position of the tool.

The process of grinding gears produces their optimal shape, although this effect can be achieved through a variety of methods. In our company we do not only deal with grinding, but also with production of spur and bevel gears with straight and curved teeth.