When is a milling machine required to be overhauled?

A milling machine is a device primarily used when machining flat surfaces, as well as shaping threads, gears and grooves. Certainly, there are many types of milling machines in the marketplace, from top- and bottom-spindle machines, through specialty machines, to vertical machines. When to they have to be repaired?

Awaria frezarki
The most common milling machine failures

Milling machines fail due to negligence, among other things. A common problem is clogging of the top of the machine with pollen, which leads to contamination of the bushings and thus excessive heating of the milling cutter and motor. This will result in their incorrect rotation relative to the work axis and imprecise machining. There may also be a problem with the milling machine spindle. This component performs a very intensive work, so it will often be subject to failure, especially if we bet on a low price, which is always reflected in a much lower quality parts.

What does a milling machine overhaul look like?

The repair work begins with a complete disassembly of the unit and a close look at all components. Worn and unserviceable elements will be replaced, and occasionally their regeneration will also be possible. The next step is also grinding the bracket, beam and workbench guides, reconditioning the bolts, and replacing the nuts. It may also be necessary to repair or fully replace the wiring system. After all steps have been completed and the unit has been reassembled, it will be necessary to test thoroughly the efficiency of the unit.

 How often should the milling machine be overhauled?

A major overhaul is most often carried out when a machine is completely out of order, but this can be prevented by an inspection of the milling machines, which we also carry out in our company. They will allow you to thoroughly check the condition of the device and replace the most worn out components, which will protect you from unexpected and costly failure. We perform inspections, repairs and overhauls on knee-type, vertical and gantry milling machines, among others.