When should machine tools be overhauled?

Machine tools are called machines that can be used to give workpieces specific shapes and dimensions. This is a very wide group of equipment including mainly lathes and milling machines popular in the industrial sector. When exactly should they be overhauled?

Why do machine tools have to be overhauled frequently?

The main reason for frequent overhaul of machines tools is the extension of their service life. Thanks to such checks, potential faults can be quickly identified and removed. Regular inspections also include checking oil and lubricant levels, without which such machines cannot function properly and their parts wear out faster.

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When should a machine tool be overhauled?

The technical overhaul takes place without shutting down the equipment in question, which is why it is usually carried out during a free shift or, alternatively, during days off effective at a given plant. The frequency of such checks is specific to each machine and is indicated by the manufacturer. For metal machining machine tools, the checks are typically performed every approximately 1,300 hours of operation. This means that if a machine is in operation for nearly 8 hours during a single work shift, a comprehensive inspection should be performed before 6 months.

What does the technical inspection involve?

The scope of this type of inspection comprises the following activities:

  • external visual inspection of the machine
  • cleaning of surfaces and mechanisms,
  • play removal,
  • drive adjustment,
  • checking of the lubrication system and changing of oils
  • cleaning of the hydraulic system,
  • checking of the condition of the wiring system,
  • controlling of the accident prevention mechanisms
  • checking of the electric shock protection systems.

During such an inspection, you also need to write an inspection report, and in the case of major defects, you need to determine the extent of the necessary repairs. Overhauls of industrial machines and overhauls of machine tools are also carried out by our company.

As you can see, machine tool inspections are quite complex, so they must be performed by professionals, preferably from third party companies that specialize in this type of inspection.